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Between the green sunny hills of Roero rises Villa Valentino, an exclusive residence with origins dated back to the ‘30s.
It has been conceived by a notable of the place, who got his ispiration from some country-houses situated in Chiavari (Liguria).
It’s a few steps away from the historical centre of Canale, one of the most ancient countries in Italy with legendary origins.
Canale has beautiful wild rocks, chestnut woods, peach-trees and vineyards and what really makes unique this place is the white truffle, jewel of this land.Villa Valentino is set in a country landscape, perfect for those who want to run away from the frenetic life and wish to give up completely to still of the nature and the silence, in warm and refined atmosphere, typical of this place.

Canale e il Roero
- Canale e il Roero -
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Via Valentino, 22 - 12043 CANALE (CN)

Tel./Fax 0173.97.95.53 - Cell. 340.85.99.922 - e-mail: posta@villavalentino.it

P.IVA 02944980040